The sexiest zodiac signs, ranked

While everyone has their own unique appeal, certain signs score better than others when it comes to the sexiest zodiac signs. 

Some people are born with the gift of gab, while others shoot themselves in the foot 

when they try to hit their shot. If you want to know which camp you belong to, here is a list of the sexiest zodiac signs.

Scorpio is shrouded in an enticing atmosphere of mystery, so it's no surprise 

that it leads the pack in the sexy stakes. Scorpio is a fluent native in the language of flirtation,  

knowing how far to push someone before drawing them back in.

The temptress and the librarian... Credit it to their two personalities, but a Gemini is the complete package, 

transforming from coquettish bashful to beautiful siren in the blink of an eye.

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