Is Aaron Rodgers' handshake with Sauce Gardner in jeopardy? According to a report, the Jets duo's viral 'illegal scenario' gesture may be illegal.

Aaron Rodgers and Sauce Gardner have become close friends since joining the New York Jets. They've even devised their own unique secret handshake.

Gardner and Rodgers are clearly becoming close now that Gardner can't intercept Rodgers and take a cheesehead.

Unfortunately, the handshake will almost certainly be prohibited. In this gesture, the pair will make a L with their hands and

close their pointer and thumb fingers. They then simulate smoking by bringing that hand to their mouth.

The NFL became aware of this and contacted the Jets to request that they cease and desist. 

They called it a "illegal scenario" and demanded that the two players stop impersonating drug use in their handshake.

While using marijuana is no longer a death sentence for NFL players, it is nevertheless an activity that the

league does not want to promote. As a result, the league has ordered the Jets' star tandem to cease.

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