Derek Carr was productive and efficient in his preseason debut as the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints.

Dennis Allen only needed twelve plays, 80 yards, and 5:24 of game time to realize Derek Carr didn't need any more work in New 

Orleans' preseason opener, a 26-24 Saints victory over Kansas City at the Caesars Superdome on Sunday.

Carr threw six passes to four receivers in eight tries for 70 yards on that game-opening drive, including a 4-yard touchdown to Keith Kirkwood,

as the Saints' starting offense calmly navigated its way down the field. New Orleans converted its first third-down try of the drive,

and on first-and-10 from the Chiefs' 22-yard line, it used four plays, including the red zone pass, to score.

"It felt good," remarked Carr. "It was nice to get a couple of situations in there, third down, red zone, and stuff like that."

They don't tell us how much we're going to play and everything, so being able to get a couple of scenarios in there and speak through things with 

(offensive coordinator) Pete (Carmichael) in specific situations and stuff like that in a game-time setting was excellent.

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