Chris Jones's strike could end up costing him more than $6 million.

Former NFL agent Joel Corry authored an essay on CBS Sports in July 2021 arguing why senior NFL players shouldn't use

holding out during training camp as a bargaining tool. Corry suggested that the tactic would be doomed by the new preseason fine structure outlined

under Article 42, Section 1 (b) (vii) of the 2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the league and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA).However,

it appears that Corry underestimated Chris Jones and his representatives from the Kansas City Chiefs. The All-Pro defensive tackle is holding out for a multi-year extension to his current deal,

which expires at the end of the current season. However, he's spending a big penny on it.Jones has been charged a daily fine for failing to show up to training camp since Friday, 

July 21. As of the time of this writing on Monday, August 14, that amounts to $1,250,000, or $25 days at $50,000 per day.

For not showing up to Sunday's preseason game against the New Orleans Saints, he was fined $1,083,333, or 18% of his 2023 basic salary of $19,500,000.

Remember that he was already out $500,000 since he didn't show up for the optional offseason workouts before he missed the team's three-day minicamp in June,

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